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CHHS choirs to sing in the Big Apple

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

March 5, 2020

UPDATE: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the New York City trip was canceled. "(Coronavirus) had ruined my social life and taken an important trip from me," sophomore Nia Jones said. "I was very devastated to learn that...

Select Women’s Chorus spends Spring Break in Alabama

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

March 5, 2020

The Select Women’s Chorus is attending the American Choral Directors Association in Mobile, Alabama. The ACDA is a professional organization of over 20,000 choral directors. In even numbered years, they have regional conferences...

Netflix series review: ‘You’

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

January 29, 2020

The Netflix series “You” has definitely turned my head on multiple occasions. I think that if there is a man within 10 feet of me who has on a baseball cap and is on the phone, he is my stalker.  “You” is about a man named Joe who gets ...

Artist Review: SuperM the ideal K-Pop supergroup

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

October 21, 2019

K-Pop is only growing every day and opening up new opportunities for upcoming artists. And just when you think K-Pop could not get any better, on Oct. 4, it did. That day SM Entertainment decided to form what they call a “sup...

The Top 10 bops of the school year

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

May 18, 2018

Throughout the school year, many amazing songs have been hitting the charts and our playlists. According to, these are the top 10 bops and amazing songs of the past 180 days. 1.“Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. This is the...

Album Review: ‘Face Yourself’

Nadia Sumlar, Co-editor

May 4, 2018

The Korean pop band, BTS, released their new album called “Face Yourself” on April 4. Although BTS is Korean, they show their diversity by making this album strictly Japanese. BTS puts in some of their older songs into a Jap...

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