ASK THE MUSTANGS: Would you take the COVID-19 vaccine?

The United States has recorded over 17 million COVID-19 cases, and more than 300,000 people have died from the virus. The development of vaccines usually takes years, but due to the severity of the pandemic the development, testing, and approval process for a coronavirus vaccine has been expedited. Pfizer received the green light from the Food and Drug Administration to have millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine available by the end of December, and the FDA’s authorization for Moderna’s vaccine is expected. We asked some Mustangs if they would take the vaccine, if they are scared of getting the coronavirus, and if masks and social distancing make them feel safe. Here’s what they had to say:

“I won’t take the vaccine because many people don’t know what they may have put in it or may have a side effect of the vaccine. I don’t believe it is safe considering that it only took a year to make, while other viruses took four to five years or sometimes many years to make. Drug makers may have developed the vaccine in a rush due to the fact that many coronavirus cases have spiked during 2020 and they need the vaccine quickly. I am scared because the cases have spiked within the school. I do feel safe using the mask and social distancing in order to stay safe with the cases happening in school.” – Brianna Gonzalez-Cardoza, 10th-grader

I personally would wait till I can see the side effects of the vaccine on the people. I believe that the speed at which they produce the vaccine doesn’t matter as much but I still think it needs more time. I believe the masks and all of the precautious measures are working and we should continue to use them. – Zachary Whitaker, 10th-grader

I probably will end up taking it but not immediately. I may wait just to make sure it’s safe, then if it is I will take it. I think it’s kind of safe because even though they are professionals you could still make mistakes. But due to the situation we and the rest of the world are in we kind of need to work a little faster. I’m not really that scared. I just try to distance myself a little bit more than normal to not get Covid. I feel kind of safe wearing a mask but you can also get it touching objects, so I feel kind of safe. – Caleb Brown, 11th-grader

When the coronavirus vaccine is ready I will not take it, mainly because I am not aware of the side effects I could have on my body. I honestly don’t think it’s safe and effective. They should take their time and really think about what they could be putting out there. I am not scared of getting COVID-19. I honestly feel like everyone will get it once in their life. I do feel very safe while wearing a mask and social distancing. – Kaleah Jones, 11th-grader

No. I want to see how it affects other people first. I think it’s very rushed. I think companies are putting a lot of their focus on when the vaccine is ready and not as much on how safe it really is. I’ve actually had the coronavirus. It wasn’t too bad, but definitely not fun. As far as social distancing and masks go, I don’t have a problem with it. Those rules are there to help. A doctor told me once you get the virus and recover from it, you can’t get or give it again for another 90 or so days. – Ava Trainer, 9th-grader