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Zackery Blaisdell
Zackery Blaisdell was born in Carmel, New York and moved to Olive Branch, Mississippi a year after his birth. He has been in the Center Hill school system for as long as he can remember, and he's now a senior in high school. For a large portion of his life, Blaisdell had been jumping from activity to activity until he eventually joined band in sixth grade, cultivating his passing interest of music into a honed skill and a facet of his life. Outside of school, Blaisdell plays Dungeons and Dragons with friends every Wednesday and paints miniatures; he even has a job at Marco's Pizza making the food they sell there. After high school, Blaisdell aspires to be a marine biologist; he's already been applying to schools along the Coast such as Southern Miss. For now, however, Blaisdell just lives with his mother and father, and their five pets: two dogs and three cats.

Zackery Blaisdell, Staff Writer

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Zackery Blaisdell