Dawson: Amid pandemic, it’s time to be honest about mental health


Lacey Buckley

“Mental Health During Quarantine.” Digital Art, 18 Dec. 2020.

Mental health. Let’s be honest. If you’re anything like me, it’s not the best right now. With fear, anxiety, and stress, it can be extremely difficult to deal with. So what should we do to help mental health? Here are five things that might help you.

#1: Talk about your issues. I know that’s cliché, but honestly, talk to a close friend, therapist, or trusted adult. You can also go to the counselor’s office. They really are incredible resources, so use them!

#2: Have a daily schedule. Try to eat, sleep, do homework, study, shower, etc. around the same time every day. This can help you get through the day more smoothly, help you be more productive, and simply remove stress.

#3: Get back to nature. Take a walk on a nature path, take a hike, or tend to a garden. This is called green therapy, also known as nature therapy. Not only does nature calm you, but getting at least 15 minutes of sunshine also helps with mental health.

#4: Get the help you need! This is important enough to mention again. Let’s be real. You go to the dentist if you have problems with your teeth, you go to a dermatologist if you have skin problems, and you need to go to a therapist if you have mental health problems.

Speaking of therapists, don’t go to the first therapist that comes up in Google. Do research and find a therapist that helps your needs best. People tend to go to therapy once, not like it and never go back. Don’t do that!

When you’re searching for houses you don’t look at the first house you find, not like it and stop searching. You’ll probably need to visit a few different ones before you buy the right one. Your therapist should be like a friend, someone you trust, enjoy, and simply click with. If you go to a therapist and you don’t like them, try a different one. Many people go to one therapist they don’t like and never try it again. You may need to go to a few to find the one that’s perfect for you.

#5: Take care of yourself physically. Again, this may seem cliché, but physical health and mental health are corresponding. If you have poor mental health, you usually don’t have great physical health, so get good sleep, eat well, take a shower, relax and take breaks as needed. Just take care of yourself.

These are tips, not guaranteed cures, for your mental health issues. Everyone is different. Different people have different needs. Some things will work better for some people. But remember to do your research and do what works for you. Your mental health depends on it.

If you need help:


1-800-273-8255, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline