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Opinion: Kids should skip the Sephora haul and return to their Webkinz days.

Addison Williams
Drunk Elephant testers have been left in messy and rather unsanitary conditions as stores like Ulta and Sephora have seen an uptick in younger shoppers.

What happened to kids being kids playing with Webkinz or playing Minecraft? Kids these days are trying to grow up way too fast. Instead of worrying about childlike things, they’re worried over what retinol they’re putting on their face, wearing a face full of makeup, or being on social media.

From my perspective, childhood is about family, friends, and making memories. During my childhood, I was outside playing and riding bikes or hoverboards with my best friend. If I wasn’t outside with someone, I was playing Minecraft, making slime, or playing with toys like webkinz and littlest pet shops. I look back and wish I could relive those years. I would hate to look back and only remember being on social media and wanting makeup. It is sad to see, and I think kids need to be more regulated.

In many ways, kids from ages 5-10 are trying to grow up too fast and seem more mature. The first and most important way is how they have easy access to social media. Most kids now receive a phone at a young age, and having phones makes it easy for them to access things online. Being online and having apps such as TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram can influence them in ways that aren’t needed. They are seeing lots of products being marketed, so they buy anything they can just to fit in with older groups of kids.

One way kids have been influenced is by using skincare. Skincare can be beneficial to people with skin worries. Those worries being acne, wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, and many other possible things.

Certain skin care products like Drunk Elephant and Glow Recipe are made for older people in their teens and adulthood. They have actives in their ingredients like retinols and exfoliating acids, which are harmful to young skin. Kids should not be buying them, nor do they have a reason to be using these products on their face.

These expensive products will do nothing but harm their skin. It can destroy their skin barrier, making their skin more prone to acne, rashes, skin infections, and sun damage. The parents that are buying these products for their kids usually aren’t aware of the ingredients that are in them, so they don’t know that they’re buying harmful products for their kids.

Makeup is another thing that kids are going crazy over buying. The most popular products they’re buying are Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops, Rare Beauty blush, and Dior lip oil and blush. Beauty stores like Sephora have been selling out of these products constantly because of how many kids have come in the store to buy them, and it created the term “Sephora Kids.”

The term “Sephora Kids” refers to the children who go into makeup stores and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and skincare they don’t need. These children are often extremely rude to the workers and other shoppers, some even destroy the tester products in store. They buy these products that older kids use mostly for the reason of making “get ready with me” videos and post them online. Products like tinted moisturizer, bronzer, foundation, concealer, and everything else that is being used are not needed.

They have young, perfect skin, they don’t have imperfections that need to be covered, and they don’t need to try sculpting their face either. Using makeup at such a young age, especially using so much, will most likely affect their confidence a lot.When they start to grow up, they’ll probably never feel comfortable without makeup since they are wearing full faces at such a young age. Makeup sets made specifically for kids with glittery lip gloss and sheer eyeshadow is one thing, but a face full of adult makeup is another.  As a child, how you look and if you’re wearing makeup or not should not be one of your worries.

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