Opinion: And the winner is…

This year’s NBA playoffs are heating up. As we head into the conference finals, now seems more appropriate than ever to look at which teams will advance to play for the championship.

The Lebron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers are my favorite to win out of the Eastern Conference. The Cavs got off to a rocky start during the playoffs by barely pulling out a series victory against the Indiana Pacers, but looked to be running on all cylinders against the Toronto Raptors, whom they swept in four straight games. Lebron has arguably carried the Cavaliers to these victories. While that is true for the most part, the same can be said about the 90’s Chicago teams that were led by Michael Jordan.

From the Western Conference, my choice is the Houston Rockets. The Rockets have led the league all season in 3-point shooting percentage. The Rockets also have two all-star caliber players in Chris Paul and James Harden. They also have a bench that steadily comes through for them when needed. The Rockets will most likely have to face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals. If they can beat the Warriors in a seven-game series, then there is no doubt in my mind that they can beat any other team that emerges from the East.

In the next few months, everything will be decided. Ultimately, I would put my money on the Rockets to win the finals this year, but you can never count out the King.