Opinion: Pep rallies part of high school experience

Sherrice Wright, Staff Writer

Pep rallies are a critical staple to the American high school experience. The jumping for the spirit stick, the yelling to the victory chant, the feeling of long lasting camaraderie. These are among the memories students we will hold dear when  we reflect on our four short years in high school.

“The performances of the pep rally were really enjoyable to watch, and they got me pumped up for the game,” Color Guard member Hailey Jones said about the first pep rally of the year at Center Hill High School. “Everyone was on their feet, clapping for all the events and performances that took place. I thought it was a lot of fun, and a great start to our football season.”

As we walk into the gym, we are surrounded with nothing but smiling faces of the cheerleaders and dancers who could not be happier to get back to the field basking in the Friday night lights. Our seven-time state champ dancers kicked things off with a stellar routine; with the guidance of these seniors, the girls are sure to add another state championship ring to their collection. Next there was a beautiful performance by our stunning Color Guard and band. The flags spun, the guard members twirled, and the musicians played in a fashion that mirrored their majestic and mysterious show to be seen at half time later this fall. The final performance of the pep rally was by our cheer team. They can be seen from the sidelines every Friday night encouraging the football team as well as executing complicated pyramids.

“It makes me feel proud to be on the team,” junior running back Auston McMullen said about pep rallies at The Hill. “It’s hyping up the game.”

The excitement rose as football players met in the middle of the court for a game of tug of war: the football coaches versus the football players. These various players didn’t stand a chance against the strength of their coaches, but the real question is, can they stand strong against their opponents on the field. As they proved on Friday night, yes, they can. Our football team can hold their own and we’re all expecting great things from them this season.

Everyone in the gym was bouncing on their toes for the one, the only spirit stick. Covered in red, black and white, the spirit stick ran all around the perimeter of the court as each grade competed against the others to win the prized spirit stick. The senior class, showing all their school pride, took the stick home.

“Being a football lover, getting excited for the pep rallies isn’t too hard,” junior Sylmia Shepherd said. “But I would have to say that being able to see and watch first hand what the other sports are doing outside of the band has to be my favorite part.”

This pep rally wasn’t just about the football program, rather it was an introduction to all of the Center Hill fall sports.The volleyball team will be serving up the points at games this year. These girls were among the most enthusiastic groups at the pep rally, and they are sure to be just as enthusiastic when they dominate the court this fall. We are also especially excited to see what is to come from our cross country and swim teams. We have high expectations for all of our sports teams because we know that they are all capable of such great things.