Top 10 tips to survive high school

Sherrice Wright, Staff Writer

Whether this is your first time roaming the halls of Center Hill or you’re a senior itching to leave these halls behind, it’s the beginning of another year of high school. With this year being my last, I feel that it’s important to spread what knowledge I have acquired throughout the years.

1. Procrastinating is the absolute worse thing you can do… besides doing nothing at all. This is coming from someone who’s procrastinated on everything before I even knew there was a word for it. No matter what the deadline is or how soon I learn about the project, I probably won’t do it until the night before it’s due and I seriously regret that. I could have saved myself a lot of all-nighters if I would have just started as soon as possible. The only thing worse than staying up all night to work on something is to not do it at all. Forgetting a project once won’t be the end of your education, just don’t make it a habit.
2. Walk on the right side of the halls. Come on. This is the easiest thing you will ever do while in school and people still can’t get it right. It’s just like driving.
3. Use your agenda/planner. To be quite frank, I didn’t open my agenda aside from stuffing paper in it or turning it to the hall pass for my first two years of high school. Last year, I started using it to write down assignments, and, surprisingly, it helped out a lot with my procrastination. Being more organized is definitely going to make your time so much easier.
4. Pick out your outfits at night. I wish I had someone tell me this, but it will save you so much time each morning.
5. Find a study buddy. You’re gonna miss class at one point or another, and it’s pretty much impossible to take notes when you aren’t in class. Have someone in each class you can talk to about any projects, notes or tests. Get the digits.
6. Join some clubs. While everyone totally wants to spend every last waking second studying for class, it’s important to find a balance. Joining clubs is an easy way to become more involved in our community and add some extra curricular activities to your resume.
7. Write your locker combination in more than one place. There’s nothing more embarrassing than asking a coach for your combination after school.
8. When you’re sick, bring your own box of tissues.
9. Step out of your comfort zone. Get to know your teachers; it makes life so much easier.
10. Worry less about what other people think and more about what you want. High school is about finding yourself.