All students deserve to live and learn in a safe environment


Editor-in-Chief Sherrice Wright writes that school shootings have become all too common in today's world, and it's time for a change.

Sherrice Wright, Staff Writer

My third block class is Foundations of Journalism. We often talk about the Bill of Rights and its importance to journalism. After all, without the freedom of the press provided by the First Amendment, journalists would not be able to properly do their job. We discuss how the Bill of Rights was created to protect the people from the government. We talk of how it is sewn into the very fabric of our nation, how Americans have unalienable rights, how they can never be taken away. We talk of how it is our right as citizens to stand up for our freedoms and what we believe in.

I believe I have the right to go to school without fearing for my life. I believe that parents shouldn’t have to wonder if their children will come home from school the same way they left home that morning. I believe no one should come in between a student and their education. I believe that no law, no amendment could be a valid excuse for the loss of a child’s life. I believe we need a change.

According to, Shepard Smith of Fox News said that there have been a total of 25 fatal, active school shootings since Columbine in 1999. Much higher numbers have been floating around since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 15; however, any number is far too high.

School shootings have become all too common in today’s world. They come and go in the same repetitive cycle. We watch the footage. We cry. We rally. We weep. We pray. We remember. We forget. Another shooting comes along. We repeat. Too long has this cycle gone on. It is time for a change.

We are the generation of change. We have more resources at our fingertips than entire generations before us. There is no gesture too small, no cause too big. Do your research. Find your cause. Get involved. Make your voice heard. We are the future, and we will break this cycle.

Students, please remember, if you hear something, notify someone. No joke is worth your life. If you find yourself struggling and do not know where to turn, please talk to a friend, a loved one, a teacher or guidance counselor. Each and every one of your lives is precious beyond compare. We deserve to live and learn in a safe environment.