Album Review: Luna & the Wild Blue Everything


Sherrice Wright gives Mat Kerekes' "Luna & The Wild Blue Everything" 4 1/2 stars.

Sherrice Wright, Staff Writer

Mat Kerekes captures the attention of many with his debut solo album, “Luna & the Wild Blue Everything.”

In stark contrast to the majority of his work with the band Citizen, Kerekes chooses to take a more acoustic approach. Instead of his usual, throat-numbing shouting, he allows his softer, more mellifluous voice to take the spotlight, yet he still manages to capture raw emotion. With tunes reminiscent of lullabies, Kerekes croons of the desperation of love and the anxiety of living a fulfilling life. This theme is especially highlighted in the song “The Clubs/ The People’s Attention.”

His acoustic work is right on the trend blending concepts of the new wave pop punk and indie. This newer style shares similarities to the works of Moose Blood, Turnover and Hotel Books. This album is honestly one of my favorite releases in its scene in a while; I find myself coming back to it daily because of its emotionally stirring content and overall calming semblance.

I give Luna & the Wild Blue Everything 4 ½ stars.