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The student news site of Center Hill High School.

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7 Q-tips mysteriously appear on CHHS football field.

Arturo Guerrero II

The CHHS football field is crowded for Meet the Mustangs. Even with the sun hidden, chaos is the element, waiting to strike like snakes. And I’m there too. Waiting. Watching.

Two weeks of journalism have turned me into a nocturnal animal. I must choose my reports carefully. It’s a big school. I can’t write about everything.

I wish I could say I’m making a difference, but I’m not. No breakfast, no vending machines, no phones allowed at lunch. This school’s eating itself up. Maybe it can’t be saved, but I must try. One case at a time.

The Q-tips.

Thursday, August 17th.

Jase McCommon

Seven perfectly clean, unused Q-tips were found lying on the football field. My partner and I are immediately intrigued by this mystery. Questions are asked, and everyone in the perimeter is automatically a suspect. Dead end after dead end with everyone we interviewed until finally we got a lead.

Maddie Fowler, part of The Pony Express and MTV staff, was on duty recording the players out on the field. She was able to give us a lead. According to her, the Q-tips couldn’t have been there long, which narrowed it down to one sports team—Cheer.

Cheer had been the first sports team to arrive on the field that afternoon. Keeping the new info in mind, Guerrero and I interviewed every cheerleader. Nothing. Not a single one admitted to the crime. Disappointed, my partner and I called it a day.

Jase McCommon

Friday, August 18th.

Fourteen hours have officially passed since the incident took place. Sleepless, my partner and I were going over all the details again, examining all the voice memos we had recorded. When suddenly, sophomore Alfeenah Prather entered the discussion. She claimed she knew who was responsible for the crime. Paige.  Sophomore Paige Sims was the one behind everything. It had been her Q-tips that had been dropped that day at Meet the Mustangs.

CHHS’s no littering policy is in effect, but the criminal element never sVisit Siteleeps. I can already see things will get worse before they get better. I’m starting to see now I have had an effect here… but not the one I intended. I have to become more. Students need hope. To know someone’s out there for them. This school’s angry, scared. Like me. But I have to try.

Arturo Guerrero

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Erik Mendoza, Sports Director

Erik Mendoza (he/him) Sports Director, Pony Express and The Mustang “I am Kenough.” — Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie (2023)

Erik Mendoza is the Sports Director for CHHS's student newspaper The Pony Express and yearbook The Mustang. He is also a member of the tennis team and the Spanish club. When asked who his role models were, Erik stated, "My dad, Ryan Gosling, and Batman. My dad because he’s a hard worker. Ryan Gosling because he’s an amazing actor, and I love his roles in La La Land and Barbie. And Batman because he’s Batman." After high school, Erik plans to attend CBU and become a dentist.

Arturo Guerrero II, Multimedia Director

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