Unpopular Opinion: Grey’s Anatomy is so overrated

Makiya Lowman, Staff Writer

People have called a lot of things overrated for a really long time. Beyoncé is one example, along with multitudes of TV shows. I don’t think Beyoncé is overrated. She’s worked hard for her success. People who disagree with me say she’s not a singer, she’s a performer, but they’re just mad that she’s rich.

As for TV shows, in my opinion the term overrated should be applied to “Grey’s Anatomy,” which isn’t as good as people make it seem. In fact, the show has had a steady decline over the years. The storyline, the plot and the character development have all declined.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is overrated because of the lack of creativeness and the reuse of the same plot line over and over. Someone cheats. Someone falls in love and then they’ll die. The show will bring in new characters, and then they’ll die too. The show lacks creative ability to interest me, because it is just a regular soap opera that is mainstream and comes on at night. “Grey’s Anatomy” has a cult fanbase and the fans make it seem like this show was made by the Savior himself, when in reality the show is really basic.

Believe me, I gave “Grey’s Anatomy” a chance. I tried to watch it on Netflix, but it was just boring and bland and slow paced. I got to season 3 and had to give up. I don’t even know how many seasons they have now, but it’s too many.

In comparison, TV shows like “Shameless” and “On My Block” have great writing and character development. Take Carl Gallagher from “Shameless,” for example. From a poor family on the southside of Chicago, Carl went from being a violent kid with a rough upbringing who has worked on himself and now he’s a police officer who is trying to help people, not hurt people. Then we have Monse from “On My Block,” which is about California high school students in a minority community. I still don’t like Monse, but she’s grown as a person. She used to be a cry baby and self-centered, but now she’s realizing stuff about herself and her friends and community. Both of these shows have something different about them and are relatable, especially “On My Block” because I’ve grown up with the characters.

You can come at me for not enjoying “Grey’s Anatomy.” I don’t care. Even though it’s unpopular, I stand firm in my opinion.