Distance Learning Day Wednesday, 2-17-2021


The following information was emailed to parents this afternoon and is available at desotocountyschools.org.

Due to inclement weather, DeSoto County Schools will have a Distance Learning Day on Wednesday, February 17th. Here is information for Wednesday, February 17th and for any other days that may be designated as Distance Learning Days.

– Teachers have prepared students for the assignments that they will be completing. This could include but is not limited to a paper packet, questions from textbooks, online learning, or a combination of activities.

– Teachers have reviewed Distance Learning Day procedures with their in-person students. Virtual Instructional Program (VIP) students will have a regular Virtual Instructional Program school day.

– In order to be counted as present for the day, students must complete their assignments. Teachers have given students instructions on how these assignments will be completed, returned, and graded. If there is a barrier preventing a child from completing the Distance Learning Day assignments, the parent should notify school personnel as soon as possible. Students may face challenges due to the winter weather, and school personnel will assist in those situations on a case-by-case basis.

– If students and/or parents need information about the assignments, please visit the teacher’s school website and/or Schoology page.

– If students and/or parents have any specific questions, teachers will be available via email during normal school hours to answer questions.

– Principals, assistant principals, and counselors will be available via email during normal school hours to answer questions.

– Distance Learning Days will count as regular school days. By implementing Distance Learning Days, make-up days will not have to be added on the Monday after Easter or at the end of the school year.