Review: Some subscription services aren’t worth your time or money

Jonathan Rosas, Staff Writer

Subscription services are a corporation’s best friend. “Why get money to buy one thing for one use while you can get money for lots?”

Companies are trying to attach the subscription model to every medium out there: film, music, video games, storage units. As an example, you buy one $20 digital movie on your device, it was a one and done purchase and there is nothing else. But with a subscription service that offers you a mass variety of movies, you must pay a monthly fee to watch it and it is usually low, which makes them more attractive to people. But as the months go by, you keep paying the fee and you will probably forget all about the subscription. There are some, where they would offer great values where it’s a no brainer that you won’t get ripped off, while there are others that are simply just a waste of money.  

The whole subscription service trend in the industry truly started off with Netflix, so I guess that is what we have to talk about first. I remember jumping on the Netflix train when it was getting popular around 2011. I got a free trial, downloaded the Netflix app on my Wii, and I have enjoyed so much of it, especially since it was only nine bucks back then and I could have watched everything on the app. Pretty much, every movie or TV show you can think of Netflix will most likely have it, but it is 2020 now and the app is nothing like it once was. Most of the things that Netflix is pumping out on the app are honestly all just a hit or miss when it comes to stuff that will interest you. The membership is now $15.99 a month and I wouldn’t say it isn’t a full waste of your money, it’s just OK. If you are a movie guy, then this is your “old reliable.”

Hulu used to be a website offering episodes of TV shows for free the day after they aired. Now though, it’s just a rip off Netflix. The best way to look at Hulu is simply by saying, “If it isn’t on Netflix, it’s most likely going to be on Hulu.” It still centers on the fact that it is meant more for TV shows but with an exception. Instead of having your standard plan where you get everything, you have multiple choices of either paying $5.99 for your membership but must deal with ads, pay $11.99 without the ads, or $54.99 so you can have Hulu and you can watch live TV. Just like Netflix though, it is honestly a real hit or miss when it comes to stuff you will find and like, and it isn’t a full waste of your money as well.

Now, my personal picks that I like more than those two are the underdogs, HBOMax and Amazon Prime Video. I know that both of those are a weird pick, but they are highly under appreciated! Both have a really good variation of shows and movies that are on the streaming services, and Amazon Prime Video even has some perks with the subscription service. If you get Amazon Prime, you will not only be getting a better shipping date when it comes to stuff you order online, but you will be able to watch movies and TV shows, and even listen to music. The only downside of the two is the prices. HBOMax is $14.99 per month and Amazon Prime is $13.99.

Sure, there are more that I have missed out on and didn’t really talk about, because if I was able to, I would have written a whole book. I know that some people will most likely find my opinion on the four subscription services the worst pick and complain that I didn’t go over stuff like Roku, but that is just a good ole fashion taste of “na-na-na boo-boo.” At the end of the day though, this was mostly based on my opinion and I highly encourage you to try and find the right service that is made for you.