Teachers take the W in annual faculty-student basketball game

Nada Herzallah, Business Manager

Teachers help students in the classroom but took no prisoners on the court Jan. 25 during the annual faculty-student basketball game at The Hill.

“It was really fun and exciting,” said drama teacher Jensen Jacquet, who helped her team topple the students 45-34. “I played in high school, but I haven’t really touched a basketball since.”

Even though she hasn’t played since she was a forward on the girls basketball team at d’Iberville High School on the Coast, Jacquet managed not one but two 3-pointers during the game.

“Honestly, it was a little surprising,” she said.

Daniel Xu, a senior, also made a 3-point shot.

“Daniel’s 3-pointer was the best part of the game,” senior Kyle Shipway said.

Sophomore Reagan Green preferred head football coach and athletic director Alan Peacock’s antics.

“My favorite part was when Coach Peacock threw his hat and ripped his shirt off,” Green said.

Green and Shipway were among the 742 students who purchased tickets for the game, which is a fundraiser for the Student Council.

Student Council co-sponsor Ashlee Young said the group raised $2,226 to fund projects such as the purchase of microwaves in the cafeteria.

“All the little things we can do for the school,” Young said, adding that the club has also sponsored student-faculty volleyball games. “I don’t think the students have ever won, to be honest.”