New mural adds color, recognizes performing arts

Savannah Downing’s inspiration for the mural she designed and painted came from her friends who are involved in the performing arts.

Mary Catherine Miller, Staff Writer

Art Society has added some much needed color to the performing arts hallway at Center Hill.

“It’s dedicated to band and performing arts kids,” said senior and AP Gifted Art student Savannah Downing, who designed the mural and has done most of the painting.

The mural depicts a color guard member holding her flag, which transitions into a music staff that winds its way over a curtain call on a theater stage and ends with a trumpet. There are also musical notes, sheet music and splashes of yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and red. Choir, band and drama students pass the mural every day on the way to their classes.

Downing’s inspiration for the mural came from her friends who are involved in the performing arts.

“They don’t get enough appreciation at school,” she said. “I want to give something to the school and them for being so great.”

Choir member Amanda Reese appreciates the recognition.

“I believe the mural is a great tribute to the amazing performing arts we have at Center Hill High School,” said Reese, a senior who has been in Concert Choir for two years. “My favorite part is the sheet music. The title of it is ‘Some Day,’ which is a number that is the first thing you learn to sing in choir.”

Jaci Kimble, a senior and member of the Color Guard, also likes the mural.

“I think it’s amazing,” she said. “It looks great and it represents all the fine arts really well.”

Whitney Lantrip, who co-sponsors the Art Society with Liz McGaughy, said after the project was approved, Downing and Kevin Araya began to draw the mural on the wall.

“After the drawing was complete, they, along with a select few Art Society students, started painting,” Lantrip said.

With free labor and $30 for paint, the mural is an inexpensive way to brighten up the hall.

“Hopefully, this will inspire future artists to beautify our gray walls with more colorful images,” Lantrip said. “I love it. I am proud to have one of our most talented artists representing the art program and her talent in our school.”