FCCLA lives up to motto of new horizons


Connor Hutto

Spotlight students from Center Hill Elementary School pet Chuck Boarus during a visit to the CHHS garden.

Amanda Adams, Staff Writer

FCCLA, which stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, is one of the many clubs available at Center Hill. This year FCCLA had 165 students join.

“One thing I really love about FCCLA is that it doesn’t matter that we’re not all friends within the club, because when it comes to helping others we come together as a whole regardless,” FCCLA president Madison Tubbs said.

FCCLA teaches students about different career paths, community services and family life. FCCLA’s motto is “Toward New Horizons,” which applies strongly to how the club helps students grow.

Students in FCCLA strive to “fill the needs of others as we find them, to grow as leaders,” said Angel Pilcher, who co-sponsors the club with Michelle Jones.

One of the projects that has been a main focus of FCCLA is the school garden. The garden has vegetables, herbs and a variety of animals. In September, Spotlight students from Center Hill Elementary School visited the garden.

During his visit to the garden, Titan, a third-grade Spotlight student from CHES, said he was learning “to be careful of the animals and treat the nature right.”

Pilcher said FCCLA has made gift bags for local fire and police departments, while other projects have included holiday mail for heroes, donations for the food pantry, and Valentine cards for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Staff Writer Connor Hutto contributed to this story.