Insane Stangs ready to pep up student body

Paige Brick, Staff Writer

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The Insane Stangs are ready to pep up the crowds at Center Hill High School games.

“Our Insane Stangs club is select students that are involved with the planning of themes, T-shirt designs, trip buses, getting words out to the student body,” sponsor Sissy Johnson said.

Johnson said the Insane Stangs have an effect on the student body.

“We believe that the student group helps pump our athletes up during their games,” she said. “We also believe that it helps create unity among our student body.”

When at the next game, whether football, basketball, or any other sport, students are encouraged to sit in the student section and join the Insane Stangs.

“There is no limit to how many students are in Insane Stangs,” Johnson said.

Flannery Egner is a four-year participant in Insane Stangs.

“My favorite thing I’ve done as an Insane Stang is just probably cheering on my teams – winning or losing,” she said. “I love the family mentality it has. No matter what grade or who you are, you’re included and are able to participate. And it just brings so much more fun to the games with the chants and themes.”

Egner also serves as a reporter for the club.

“I help spread the word on social media and around the school,” she said.

Eli Haberstroh is another active member of the Insane Stangs.

“I’ve been a part of the Insane Stangs since I started high school,” said Haberstroh, a sophomore. “I like how it brings the students together to support our school sports. I always like the Lewisburg football games because that’s when everyone comes out and is loud.”

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Insane Stangs ready to pep up student body