Growing Past Expectations: Noonan Syndrome Awareness Month

Despite her height, Gabriela “Gabby” Lazo, 15, is growing past expectations.

Despite her height, Gabriela “Gabby” Lazo, 15, is growing past expectations.

Standing 4 feet, 3 inches tall, the 10th-grader has Noonan Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects development. Most people who have Noonan are small in stature in comparison to their same aged peers.

Gabby is a typical teenager, said Cynthia Bobo, one of her teachers in the CHHS community-based classroom..

“Gabby is a very outgoing, energetic young lady who loves spending time talking to her friends,” Bobo said. “She likes being on social media and used to have her very own TikTok page. She is an avid Jordan fan and loves Nike.”

According to, Noonan Syndrome affects one in every 1,000-2,500 babies. The average adult height for girls with Noonan is five feet.

Bobo said CHHS has never had another student with Noonan Syndrome, which is recognized annually each February.

“I think it is important to bring awareness to Noonan Syndrome because we have a student here at CHHS that has Noonan,” Bobo said. “I also think that it is good for Gabby’s peers to know about her disability so they can have a better understanding of Noonan Syndrome so they can share awareness of Noonan with others.”

Gabby, whose favorite food is chicken tenders, said a whole month celebrating her is okay and makes her happy. She wants people to know that she’s a good friend and that she likes to paint pictures of animals.You can learn more about Noonan Syndrome and those it affects by visiting the Mayo Clinic’s website here.