Soccer players show love for the game

Cyle Paulino, Staff Writer

Cleats melting into the field, gallons of sweat covering bodies, and scorching heat making every moment dreadful for the players on the field, playing with every ounce of energy inside. Despite all of this, the soccer teams’ passion never disappeared.

Center Hill soccer’s summer season was cut short this year as they only practiced in June, leaving all of July off. In that one month, both teams practice four times a week, scrimmaged numerous teams, and participated in multiple small-sided tournaments. Even though the heat was near impossible to withstand, they fought through all the pain and agony. Their determination for the sport not only brought home several wins and trophy but also helped them become better individuals all around.

After stepping outside and feeling the unforgiving rays of the sun, it gives a person every reason to use an excuse to skip practice, but our soccer teams chose to go and practice in the 100 degree heat. Coach Burgess and Coach Yeoman pushed their teams, building them mentally and physically stronger every day while teaching them life lessons they will never forget.

One of the most important lessons they learned is to never give up. This trait was definitely shown by both teams at the 7v7 tournament in Corinth. The boy’s team lost a hard fought game against Corinth, which they gave everything they had into each minute, giving Corinth a game they will never forget.

Even though the boy’s team lost, senior Marshall Gaines was still enthusiastic.

“I had so much fun playing soccer this summer,” Gaines said. “There is nothing better than being with my best friends playing the game I love.”

The girl’s pulled through dominating all of their opponents and won 1st place. Hannah Sullivan, senior, was thrilled with the caliber of her team’s performance in the games.

“I’d say I’m really proud of how our team played this summer,” Sullivan said. “People expected us to be the underdog everywhere we played because of the talent we lost, but hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and that’s exactly what we did this summer.”

Win or lose, both teams bonded closer together, and the players became stronger individually.