ASK THE MUSTANGS: What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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We asked the Mustangs about their favorite Christmas movies. Here’s what they had to say.

“Elf. I love Will Ferrell and it’s just a really funny movie.” – Kaeden Laws, 12th-grader

“I don’t really watch Christmas movies or movies at all in general.” – Osvaldo Gonzalez, 10th-grader

“My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone because as a kid I really enjoyed the traps that were set up.” – Jacob Pierson, 11th-grader

“This Christmas, because it’s a really funny movie and it’s an all black cast, which shows what black people can really accomplish when we’re one.” – Nic Wright, 12th-grader

“This Christmas. It deals with family.” – Makayla Hale, 11th-grader

“The Grinch, the newest cartoon. It has a good soundtrack.” – Naomi Delgado, 9th-grader