Book Review: Patterson’s Confessions series had so much potential

Makiya Lowman, Staff Writer

Confessions, a book series by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, follows the life of a young socialite by the name of Tandy Angel and her family. I’ve enjoyed a rollercoaster of emotions over the past month and half reading these books.

The series has a combined four books and 700-plus pages in them, but there are some issues that most readers probably didn’t even notice. Paetro and Patterson fail to completely finish one plot point by quickly rushing into another one, leaving me confused and lost. They should’ve left the series alone after the first book, “Confessions of a Murder Suspect,” which was well-paced and wrapped up nicely.

But, books two through four are more about the social and economic struggles of the Angel family. That’s an important part of the series, but it also shines away from the main probity of those books.

So, this series was a nice one to read but rushed through; it could’ve had so much more potential.