Club spotlight: Ultimate offers flying disc fun without contact of football


Landis Henderson

Trey Stuard, far left, runs to catch a flying disc at Ultimate practice. Stuard, senior captain of the Ultimate team, has played all four years of high school and described the non-contact sport as “kind of like football.”

Landis Henderson, Staff Writer

Played with a flying disc, Ultimate is a club sport offered at Center Hill High School.

“It’s a unique sport,” said Alyssa Fletcher, a junior who has played on the school team for two years.

Coached by Brian Hancock and Michelle Jones, Ultimate practices after school as needed.

“I like being able to have fun outside of school,” said first-year player Terran Hill, a sophomore.

Trey Stuard has played all four years of high school. Even though it’s a non-contact sport, Ultimate is “kind of like football,” he said.

“It’s a great activity to do,” Stuard said. “You can meet new people and build communication skills. I would recommend everyone interested to come and try it. You will enjoy it, like I have. It’s easy to learn.”

Stuard is also the senior captain for the Ultimate team.

“I love helping others learn the game and teaching them how to improve over time,” he said.