Students rock PSAT camp

Brody Rushing, a rising junior, participated in PSAT Camp May 28-June 1 at Center Hill High School.

Kymoria Mottley, Staff Writer

Thirty-nine students gathered at Center Hill High School during the week of May 28-June 1 to attend the school’s annual PSAT camp. PSAT students from Center Hill, DeSoto Central, Lewisburg and Olive Branch high schools spent the week reviewing and having fun with numerous games.

“The purpose of camp is to get you moving and learning,” camp leader and geometry teacher Judith Terry said. ”It’s been proven that moving, doing activities while learning helps solidify the learning.”

The theme of this year’s camp was music. Students were split into teams and labeled as bands such as U2, Metallica, Boyz 11 Men, Little Big Town and New Kids On The Block.

“It’s my fave ever,” camp leader and guidance counselor Meredith Smith said. “I think they did it just for me since it’s my last year. They went to a workshop where the theme was music and got it from there.”

These bands had to compete in several competitions to test their skill and earn money. The goal was to make the most money by the end of the week. Bands gain and lose money by playing games that test mental and physical capabilities, like scavenger hunts and relay races.

“I feel like all of the review games will help me remember skills for the PSAT,” rising junior Landon Bello said.

In one game, well-known pop lyrics were translated into Shakespearean writing. The band that could identify the song first gained money.

“God bless whoever decided to put ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ in this game,” said Zach Medlin, who will transfer for his junior year from Center Hill to the Mississippi School of Math and Science.

The students spent their last day taking a practice PSAT and ended the week with a cookout.

“It’s been a fun and exciting way to get to be close to my classmates,” incoming junior Lyndsey Bailey said.