Student-athletes reflect on spring semester

Laine Crabb, Staff Writer

The spring semester at Center Hill High School was full of sports, which was culminated by the annual spring bonfire.

Junior soccer player Spencer Reynolds, whose season begins in November, attended the bonfire in support of all spring sports.

“It was great to see all of the spring athletes come together and all support one another,” Reynolds said.

In February, the soccer team’s season came to an end. Although the players were proud of their efforts, they hoped for more.

“We always wish for a good season, but we thought we were going to come home with a state title,” Reynolds said.

Although they are losing some seniors, Reynolds said the soccer team will be just fine. Freshman Braden Taylor agreed.

“We have a lot of upcoming juniors that have helped the team succeed, and I think they will be very good leaders for our team,” he said.

Goals were high for the soccer team. Senior Justin Buckingham said the same was true for golf this year.

“My main goals were to play my best and make it to state,” Buckingham said.

Buckingham led the team all season, and made state as he wanted.

“I grew a lot this year,” he said. “I had much better shot selections and just played smarter.”

With Buckingham leaving, the remaining golfers have big shoes to fill.

“I think some players have to step up. I do think they will find the leadership once we leave,” Buckingham said.

Just as Buckingham says he improved in golf, Reed Simmons also got better in her track and field event, the pole vault.

“This was my first year, so I wanted to improve myself from cross country season,” Simmons said. “I started pole vaulting and my original goal was to place in district. I tried doing as many events as I could to try new things and see what I liked the most.”

According to Simmons, the team also grew as one, becoming more responsible together.

“Through the meets we got into a good routine where Coach JJ wouldn’t have to tell us to get anything done,” she said. “We knew what to do and we got it done on our own, so all Coach had to do was coach and run the meets.”

As for Reynolds, “I grew as a person and a player,” he said. “I felt like more of a leader this season.”

Taylor also grew, although he said being an underclassmen can often be tough in high school sports.

“I grew more in strength and in my mental strength, because they tried to get in my head and mess with me and I brushed it off and made myself better,” Taylor said.

With all the spring sports over, the athletes are ready to improve from last year and reach their goals.

“The team bounced back from hardship,” Reynolds said. “We faced adversity, overcame as a team, and ultimately had a great season.”