Tomlinson signs to play soccer for Northwest

Nichole Herbert, Mustang Television, Special to The Pony Express

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Logan Tomlinson, who plays for the Center Hill High School girls soccer team, signed Nov. 13 to play soccer for Northwest Mississippi Community College.

“I am so very thankful for having such supportive parents, who drove me to all my practices and games, and gave me the chance to play on multiple teams which allowed me to improve my skills over several years,” Tomlinson said in regard to her support system.

David Burgess, Tomlinson’s coach, said that her skills have improved over the years.

“Our whole formation right now is based around Logan,” Burgess said. “When (Coach Steve) Boren had her in the seventh grade she didn’t play a whole lot, but now I don’t think I sub her out. That’s important because it shows how much you’ve grown.”

Assistant Principal Brenda Case praised Logan too.

“I love Log,” Case said. “That’s my title for her sometimes because she sorta looks like one when she goes rolling across the field and take a few folks out, which is great because we need aggressive players in soccer like that.”

Tomlinson is among three soccer players headed to Northwest after graduation. Trinity Baynham and Dustin Brown are scheduled to sign in December.