Review: Local frozen treats

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Tanika Kounhavong reviewed local frozen treat shops and shared her recommendations.

Tanika Kounhavong, Staff Writer

As temperatures rise and school comes closer and closer to an end, it’s becoming clear that summer is right around the corner. With the weather getting warmer, people are going to have to start finding ways to cool off. Luckily, I know about three places nearby that can do just that!

To start us off, we have a cute little frozen yogurt place in Collierville appropriately named Berry Berry Good Frozen Yogurt. My first impressions of the shop were quite positive as I was greeted by a sweet old cashier as soon as I walked in. I decided to order a kiwi smoothie with strawberry tapioca bubbles. The quality of the food and the place itself were both very nice, and I recommend it if you’re in the mood for frozen yogurt, smoothies, tea or even Italian soda.

If you’re in the mood for something a little colder, you could always head over to Miccos Sno Cones in Collierville! The area itself looks really clean, plus they have prices you can’t beat. I was quite torn between their sno cones and the various sundaes, milkshakes and ice creams, but I finally decided to get a Hawaiian sno cone, and I was not disappointed.

Miccos has quite a lot of options, but if you want even more to choose from, then I highly recommend Velvet Cream in Hernando. For a good price, you can get any kind of ice cream you can think of, any cold drink ranging from smoothies to tea to soda, and you can even get some hot food there like hot dogs or mac and cheese bites.

If you’re feeling gutsy, you can even try the Big Dipper challenge, which includes a two-pound burger, some fries and a shake so big they named it I-55. Overall, it’s a great ice cream shop, even if it’s a little farther away.

No matter where you decide to go to cool off, if you choose one of these three places, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.