Top movies of 2017 to 2018

Morgan Wilcher, Foundations of Journalism

According to, and, top movies so far in 2018 are “Black Panther,” “Game Night” and “Love Simon.” In 2017, the top-rated movies in America were “Get Out,” “Hidden Figures,” “Wonder Woman,” “Spider-man Homecoming” and “Stars Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Alexis Whitely, a senior, saw “Get Out” and liked it.

“It’s super scary, a lot of jump scares, and it has a unique storyline compared to most scary movies,” Whitley said.

In February, Kiersten Smith saw “Black Panther.”

“The movie is really good,” the senior said. “It’s the only movie I would watch over and over again.”

Senior Linsey Hansel saw “Spider-man Homecoming.”

“It was kind of corny compared to the other Spider-man movies,” she said.

How did your favorite movie rate?
“Get Out,” 99%
“Hidden Figures,” 93%
“Wonder Women,” 92%
“Spider-man Homecoming,” 92%
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” 91%
“Black Panther,” 96% #1 in America
“Game Night,” 82%
“Love, Simon,” 92%