Center Hill students take on the world


720 days.

From freshman to senior year, Center Hill students are in high school for 720 days. You see the same faces every day for four years. You hear information about students and what they have accomplished inside of the school, but have you ever wondered where your classmates spend their time outside of school?

Center Hill students have made marks around the country, continent and world. Some only travel an hour or two for vacations, while others spend hours in cars and on planes to get to their destination.

“I went on a Norwegian cruise called The Pearl to the Caribbean,” sophomore Alex White said. “I was on the cruise for seven days. I went with my mom, my brother, my mom’s boyfriend and his son.”

White is not the only world traveler at Center Hill.

“I went to Australia in November of 2013,” sophomore Eli Ashley said. “I was 12 years old. I was on a plane in total for 25 hours. I stayed a total of eight days, spending two in Sydney and six in Perth. Sydney is not even close to being as nice as Perth.”

They had a great trip but there were a couple of roadblocks along the way.

“They lost our luggage because we had to go through LAX the day after the LAX shooting,” Ashley said.

The sophomore and his dad did many memorable activities while visiting.

“I went to Scarborough beach three days in a row and it was beautiful,” he said. “I got to pet baby kangaroos and koala bears and wombats. I ate kangaroo meat and it was disgusting.”

White also had an unforgettable time on her trip.

“I held a sloth and a monkey on my head,” she said. “I went snorkeling and saw a stingray. ”

For her unique vacation, Katie Payne traveled with her grandparents and brother to the Grand Canyon.

“It was my favorite vacation because I had a grand ole time,” the sophomore said. “I enjoyed sight seeing, floating down a river, flying in a plane over the canyon and riding on a train.”