Dance team continues to build dynasty

Max Lankford, Staff Writer

After their consecutive eighth and ninth state titles, the dance team places a strong family bond at the top of their list of priorities.

“A dynasty is when you pass on strong traditions from one season to the next,” team sponsor Kerry Matthews said. “We started in 2006. It’s now 2018. That’s 12 years, but we have won titles seven out of the 12 years. We have come to a point to where we have won a good amount, so we have have high expectations that we pass on from year to year.”

The dance team is at an all-time high after winning historic double state titles in December in large varsity hip hop and pom. The team also became nationally ranked for the second year in a row in February, placing ninth in the competition held in Orlando. With this momentum, they’re not stopping anytime soon.

“I feel like no matter how many new girls we have, we become a strong, well-bonded family,” upcoming junior Lydia Walker said. “Every member that has been on the team will be part of the dynasty, and that’s pretty cool.”

Tiana Baldwin will be one of the dance team’s senior co-captains next year.

“I feel like we have a great work ethic, and I think that it will be a great year,” Baldwin said. “At our first practice, we all bonded really well.”

Matthews said the team’s success is not because of the coaches.

“It’s the high expectations from the older to the younger girls,” she said.

Baldwin agreed that it is good to have aspirations.

“We have high expectations,” she said. “Our goal is to be top five in the nation, and we want to have another double state title. We all want to reach our goals and place higher.”