Winter break part two comes to an end

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CHHS senior Jaci Kimble took advantage of the snow day Jan. 12 to practice her routine for Indoor Winds.

Students at CHHS were treated to a “snow week” last week. Snow and ice came down late at night on Jan. 11, forcing schools to close on Jan. 12. The snow continued throughout the three day weekend and stuck on the roads due to freezing temperatures. Schools remained closed from Jan. 16 through Jan. 19. With snow and ice finally melting, DeSoto County Schools are set to reopen on Monday, Jan. 22. Students have mixed feelings about this.

“It was a nice long break and I’m actually kind of ready to be back at school, but not at the same time,” junior JD Wilson Harmon said.

Many students are ready to get out of the house and see their friends again.

“Staying at home can be nice, but being stuck at home is a pain… I’m just ready to see my friends again,” senior Keagan Massey said.

Dangerous roads meant limited freedom for many students.

“I was only allowed to drive to work and straight back to the house after work,” junior Will Remke said.

Many miss the structure of the school day.

“I am excited to go back to school because I need a routine again,” junior Sophie Webb said.