First day full of excitement, nerves, humor

“I’m surprised I’m here,” junior Omar Gonzales joked about being back.

Emily Merz, Staff Writer

The first day of school was one of mixed emotions for Center Hill students, who returned to the classroom Aug. 3.

“I’m nervous,” junior Mary Lindsey said.

Sophomore Serenity Scott wasn’t too sure about returning to school after summer break.

“I’m excited, I guess,” she said.

Logan Daves, a junior, said he was looking forward to what the new year will bring.

“I’m excited and anxious to create new friendships,” Daves said.

Likewise, “I’m really excited,” freshman Sarah Claire Miller said.

Eleventh-grader Venquez Smith said his first day back was just part of his normal routine.

“I was here all summer for football,” he said.

From a teacher’s perspective, Brian Parker had a humorous take on his first day of morning duty in the cafeteria.

“It’s a bit chaotic and sort of like a dystopian future in here, but that’s OK,” said Parker, who teaches math.

Omar Gonzalez, a junior, also described his return to school with levity.

“I’m surprised I’m here,” he said, laughing.