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Will there be a System of a Down reunion?

Tommy Williamson

Formed in 1993, the band was originally named Victims of a Down, eventually becoming Systems of a Down. It experienced success over-night with the release of their self-titled debut album in 1998, System of a Down, gave the band an extremely successful start in the music industry, selling over 40 million records worldwide, having copious RIAA platinum certified albums, and being a grammy award winning band. You would think there was no stopping the band, but there were problems behind the scenes, and at the time of their last album release in 2006, those problems finally came to light.

Emerging initially from the underground nu metal scene in southern California around 1998, the band attracted attention due to its unique and loud sound,as well as being political to a point and in your face. As soon as local radio station KROQ started spinning tracks such as “Sugar” and “War?”, the band garnered attention and a few years later launched  them into mainstream superstardom. Only a year and a half later the album would go on to be certified gold by the RIAA. Due to their unique sound the band has managed to keep relevance for the last 20 years, becoming more popular due to the credit and legacy several of their albums have made.

The band had been overwhelmed, dealing with the downsides that came with fame, such as drug problems, depression, anxiety, self-deprecation, exhaustion from constant touring, and writing music the way their label demanded. For those who don’t know, artists and bands sign to major labels which help promote and push the artist further in the music industry, promising fame and fortune as well as other things, in exchange the artist often must follow what the label demands for singles and album material, often making the artists stressed and angry, being forced to make music that they don’t truly feel represents their sound.

This was the case with SOAD, Members of the band had been stressed and at each other’s throats due to constant touring and disagreements with the music being written. In an interview with revolver magazine drummer John Dolmayan said,“We tried to get together multiple times to make an album, but there were certain rules set in place that made it difficult to do so and maintain the integrity of what System of a Down stood for. So we couldn’t really come together and agree.” This has been the case for the past 18 years.

Due to recent events that occurred in Turkey, the band decided to put their musical differences aside and released two singles in protest of the war between Turkey and Armenia. The two songs written by guitarist Daron Malakian, were initially for another band, Scars on Broadway, but after feeling the need to spread the message about Armenia, Daron and the rest of the band agreed to release the songs. “Genocidal Humanoidz”, and “Protect the land”.

Along with the songs released, SOAD also started a fundraiser, in which revenue from the singles and fundraiser raised over $600,000 for the people of Armenia. Due to the band releasing new music for the first time in over a decade, rumors have been going around of the band possibly working on new material. To which rumors, Bassist, Shavo Odadjianhad, said, “As for new System Of A Down, it seems that vocalist Serj Tankian has been the holdup. Though he seemed to come around on the idea in recent years saying, “We’ll see what happens” and just kinda shrugging at the whole thing.”

First time in over a decade Even with all of the hype surrounding their recent festival appearance at sick new world, and with everything going on with the band, Daron Malakian has gone on to say that he isn’t expecting anything to come from there recent reunion just yet, but fans shouldn’t give up hope yet.

Though new music isn’t expected anytime soon, it has been confirmed that the band is back together, and everyone is good with each other, so there is definitely a possibility of something happening sometime in the future. “Personally, and outside of the band, everybody gets along reasonably well. There is no hate for each other in SOAD. We’re like a family. A lot of people think, ‘Oh, Serj [Tankian, frontman] and Daron don’t get along!’ and no, that’s not true. Serj and Daron get along just fine.” Fans have been told to give it some time to see what happens, because if they do release new music it’ll be highly anticipated.

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Tommy Williamson, Staff/Reporter

Thomas Williamson (he/him) Staff/Entertainment Reporter, The Pony Express and The Mustang “Music should be your life, you should live it, eat it, sleep it, breathe it, and the only way you’re going to be able to make it in the industry is if you are willing to sacrifice everything.” — Unknown

Thomas “Tommy” Williamson, a senior at CHHS, has been a member of The Pony Express since the 2021-2022 school year. Besides the school newspaper, Tommy is involved in choir, and he hopes to see himself writing and performing his own music after high school. Besides writing, he likes to spend his time playing guitar, skating, and hanging out with friends. When asked if there was someone in the field of journalism that inspires him, he shared Graham Hartmann from Loudwire because of the amount of detail in his work.

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