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Review: Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret” portrays women’s empowerment and fights against body stereotypes

Stefany Sobotka

“Victoria’s Secret” by Jax, portrays women’s empowerment and fights against body stereotypes. According to our society, women are supposed to be “perfect” with big boobs and a small waist. Honestly, that may exist with no hard work for that body at all, but that’s not perfect, all women and their bodies are perfect, no matter the shape or size.

The song has a line that really resonated with me as a teenager who struggles with the concept of a “beautiful body,” which Victoria’s Secret has continued to portray through the women that graze their runway. “I wish somebody would’ve told me that thighs of thunder Meant normal human thighs.” This quote is so true. Just because you have stretch-marks and no gap between your thighs doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful. You don’t have to kill off carbs to look beautiful, everyone is beautiful.

In our current society, people, especially girls, have this image ingrained into their skulls telling us we’re not beautiful. We have a reminder of it daily on our way across town, past every billboard, on posters in the subway, on TikTok and other social media, and even by some of our classmates at school. It is everywhere. This song helped every girl who streamed it to know that they are beautiful, their pain is heard, and it’s known by millions of people.

After Jax’s song was received by the company, Victoria’s Secret, the CEO, Amy Hauk, sent her a message back. Part of the message reads, “As CEO of Victoria’s Secret and PINK, I can wholeheartedly say that we are all committed to building a community where everyone feels seen and respected. Hauk’s response acknowledged that Victoria’s Secret has been doing women wrong for a while now, and it’s nice to see she addressed that.

Another quote from this empowering song spoke about the need that some girls have to actually starve themselves and withhold needed food and energy to get their dream body. There’s nothing wrong with trying to stay healthy and look good, but there’s a point where some people starve themselves because they think they have to. “The f*****’ pressure I was under, to lose my appetite, and fight the cellulite with Hunger Games like every night.”

Before this song came out, sometimes I thought I needed to eat way less because of how my body looked. This quote really helped me with any eating problems I had, and I imagine helped a lot more girls out there with problems like that.

This song ended up helping a lot of teenage girls, and I imagine some older women too.

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Stefany Sobotka (she/her) Photographer Editor, Pony Express and The Mustang “Yesterday is dead; tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today.” - Groucho Marx

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