Opinion: My fellow seniors

Adolfo Muniz Cortes, Staff Writer

Three years ago, most of us entered Center Hill High School either excited or anxious (or maybe even both) and with something to look forward to. Many were excited to move to the next level of athleticism, partaking in the oh-so-important Friday football or basketball game or competing in “nationals”. Many were excited to hone their “fine arts” skills through band, choir, theater, or even AP art. Many simply enjoyed the new freedoms of driving, sitting wherever at lunch, or picking your classes. Whichever the case, it appears as if the end comes near, each day bringing more and more memories of the past.
My fellow seniors, although this year will be one focused on finishing, you must remember that we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. “Senioritis” is a quickly spreading disease, and while a good laugh about our mistakes makes life a little easier, it must not be accepted.
We all have goals, values, and ambitions that are important to us. Those are the things that drive us towards success (Beyond fame and wealth). Our values not only determine our driving forces, but also our ultimate life goals, and it’s these things that we must keep in mind at all times, even through this relaxed year. Maybe math is not your strong suit. Maybe you absolutely hate reading. We all have our dislikes in school, and that’s perfectly fine! That is so long as you stick to your values and continue pursuing something that you care about. Many of us, however, still don’t have plan. We still don’t know what we want to major in. We still don’t know where we want to attend school. We have no clue what to do with our lives. This again is also fine! You still have time to figure this stuff out. You are not locked into a decision that you made about your future in high school. Some values are quite general and don’t require a specific major or field. If you value compassion and humanity then there are plenty of ways to go about pursuing this. Community service is always needed. If you value fitness, perfect your workout routines or even help others achieve their health goals. If you value logical reason then the STEM fields are always searching for new hands.
As a final tip, figure out what you value. This will guide you through life beyond high school and college. True happiness is subjective and is unique to each individual.