Mustangs looking to clinch playoff spot

Laine Crabb, Staff Writer

The Mustangs are 2-2 in the district and have an eye on the playoffs – if they can avoid turnovers.

“Win the next two games and we’re in for sure,” head coach Alan Peacock said, describing a number of potential scenarios.

“If we win the next two we are either the 3 or 4 seed,” he said. “If Grenada beats Lake Cormorant and then we beat Grenada, we’d be the 3 seed. If LC beats Grenada and we beat Grenada, we’d be a four seed. If we win all three, we have the potential to be the 2 seed. We just gotta avoid turning the ball over. That has been our Achilles’ heel all season.”

Now 5-4 overall, the Mustangs have three games left in the season, starting with tonight’s away conference game against Saltillo. They travel to Grenada Nov. 1, and Senior Night will be Nov. 8 against West Point.

“A lot has went into kinda being able to turn the corner a little bit and have a better record,” Peacock said. “We changed offenses five years ago and it took us a little while to get buy in. (We’re) having success running the offense like we did last year. We got a lot of buy in on both sides of what we’re doing schematically. We have Jacquez (Hardin). Last year was his first year, and having him helps in the secondary. Preston (Newson) has done a great job at quarterback the last two years.” 

A seemingly small change to Peacock – switching from black uniform pants to red ones – was actually a big deal to his players.

“To me, we needed new pants so we bought some,” he said. “The old saying is if you look good you play good. I don’t know if I buy into that, but the kids like it.”

Senior Javarrius Shipp, a cornerback, approves of the change.

“I feel like the red pants this year are a good look and I really like them,” he said.

Teammate Connor Smitherman, a junior, said the new pants were a fun surprise.

“All we knew was that we had to watch MTv to find out,” Smitherman said, adding that the team is focused and ready to do great things the rest of the season.

Red pants or not, “This season is good,” Shipp added. “We are really really close to making a playoff run.”