Mustang Spotlight: Faith Williams

More than a pretty face: Meet aspiring model Faith Williams

Mariah St. Clair, Staff Writer

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A member of the 5A state championship 4X100 relay team, Faith Williams is more than a track star. The Center Hill High School senior also wants to be America’s Next Top Model. The Pony Express sat down with Williams to find out more about her future plans.

Q: When/how did you start modeling?
A: I started when I was 17 years old and I got contacted by Barbizon. I went to the tryouts, and if you make it you move on to the next steps which is paying for it and taking classes.
Q: How did you feel at the tryouts?
A: I went to the tryout and was very afraid. I knew I had it in me. The next day I received a call that I made the cut and August 2017 is when I started my classes.
Q: What were your classes like?
A: I graduated in January. It was 6 months and I went one Saturday out of each month. They were 9-hour classes, and I learned something new each time like table etiquette and 5-minutes face. Those classes taught me a lot of discipline. I had to want it way more then ever. I had to practice runway walks, turns, etc. alone.
Q: What things helped you in modeling?
A: I took speech my 11th-grade year with Mrs. Shikle, and it played a major role in my modeling because in modeling you have to introduce yourself and we also have commercials.
Q: Do you have anything coming up?
A: I have been called for three auditions in the past, and a really big one that I was unable to complete due to school and track. I had a modeling audition last year the same day I had district, and I was able to attend both so I am capable of doing both. I just want to focus on school now. When I graduate I will be attending more auditions and hopefully pursuing the career while in college. I also have an upcoming audition in January.
Q: How do you juggle school, track and modeling?
A: My family is very supportive and I stayed ahead on school work. Coach J.J. was very understanding. Track plays an important role in my life as well as modeling. There were times I thought I couldn’t do both and would have to pick.
Q: Who do you model for?
A: Barbizon.
Q: What type of modeling do you do?
A: I want to be a fashion model but I’m not tall enough. I am a commercial model due to my height. I am 5’6” and you have to be 5’8” or taller to be fashion.
Q: Do you hope to start a career in modeling?
A: Yes I do, but I will always have school to back me up cause it’s not a major thing. It is just something to do on the side.
Q: Is your modeling more like a job or hobby?
A: It’s more like a hobby, not a job for me. My long-term goal with modeling is to get on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and get an agency.