Review: CNET’s Netflix rankings don’t add up

Sadie Crasper, Foundations of Journalism

According to a national company that tracks technology, the top 19 shows on Netflix for September of 2018 include “American Vandal,” “The Standups” and “Mindhunter.” Even though I have no reason to doubt the list from, it does not seem to reflect the viewing tastes of Center Hill High School students.

For me personally, I have only heard of two of these shows. A lot of people I spoke to about Netflix hadn’t heard of or watched most of the shows on the top 19 either. I believe that the top 19 just doesn’t match our age group (14- to 18-year-olds).

I have watched a couple of episodes of “Orange is the New Black,” which is No. 5 on the list, and “Stranger Things,” which is ranked No. 19. But my top three favorite shows on Netflix – “Pretty Little Liars,” “Young and Hungry” and “The Client’s List” – didn’t even make the list.

The reasons why people like Netflix shows are as varied as the viewers themselves. I like to mix it up with different genres because it keeps me interested in watching different shows, and sometimes I am in a mood to watch a certain kind of genre. I enjoy watching shows that have a cliff hanger and keep me coming back.

How many of CNET’s top 19 have you seen?

CNET’s list of the most watched Netflix shows in September:
American Vandal
BoJack Horseman
Nailed It
Orange is the New Black
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Queer Eye
Dear White People
The Standups
On My Block
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Black Mirror
Big Mouth
Stranger Things