Teachers dunk on students at basketball game fundraiser


Randi Terry

Teachers dominated students 45-28 in the Faculty vs. Students basketball game on Jan. 26. The fundraiser netted $3,600 for the Student Council.

Emily Merz, Staff Writer


On Jan. 26, students from different clubs and teams at Center Hill High School joined together in hopes of defeating their teachers, sponsors and coaches in basketball.

Band director Jared Ross was one of the teachers recruited for the team.

“It was fun and also exhausting for people like me who don’t exercise,” Ross said.

Ultimately, the students were defeated, 45-28.

“I wasn’t expecting anything less – another day another dollar,” Ross said with a laugh.

Even though his team lost, sophomore Chapman Droke said he had a great time.

“It was fun and I got to guard Coach Hall and he’s really good and it was hard to score,” Droke said. “I thought I’d be nervous but I wasn’t.”

Droke said his biggest competition was Luke Chapman, who he plays basketball with outside of school.

While the student-faculty basketball game is a fun activity for students, Student Council sponsor Meredith Smith said it is also a huge fundraiser for Student Council. Smith said 720 tickets were sold, and at $5 each, that is $3,600 raised.

“The money funds the names painted on the 30-plus club wall and the PSAT plaque,” Smith said. “A couple of years ago, it was spent on the tarp for the softball field. (It pays for) all of the stuff the school wants to do but can’t afford. Student Council picks up the slack.”